Things to note before your first driving lesson

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Need to know before your first driving lesson in Kettering

On your first driving lesson in Kettering you can be picked up at a location that suits you. If you are a beginner, we will obviously start your lesson in a nice quiet area and build things up slowly for you so you grasp the basics quickly. By learning the basics thoroughly in the beginning, you will blossom and benefit later as you approach your driving test. If you have driven before then your instructor will ask you a few questions before hitting the roads with you at a level that you are comfortable with.

It’s really important on your first lesson that you bring the following:
– Provisional licence
– Glasses (if you need them)
– Suitable footwear
Remember you are driving, so it’s important to feel comfortable. Many learners turn up with a big parker jacket on in the winter and they get too warm during the lesson.Temperature affects concentration and how you feel in general, so we recommend turning up to your lessons in comfortable clothing like jeans, trainers, t-shirt, fleece etc.

What is the difference between a try us and see lesson and a get assessed lesson?

Our try us and see lesson is 1 hour long and is a chance for you to see what driving lessons are like and how you get on with your driving instructor. You may have heard stories about driving lessons and be feeling apprehensive about what to expect, the ‘try us and see’ lesson will help to put your mind at rest and ease you into driving lessons. During the ‘try us and see’ lesson you will generally talk to the instructor about any previous driving experience, they will show you the controls of the vehicle and clutch control. Once you’re confident with these your instructor will have you practice moving off and stopping in a quiet area. The lesson will end with a debrief and your instructor will drop you back at a location of your choice.

Our get assessed lesson is 2 hours long and will start in a similar way to the ‘try us and see’ lesson, with a short chat about previous experience. Anyone can take the ‘get assessed’ lesson, whether you’re a beginner or have some previous driving experience. Once the instructor has established what level your driving is at, they will begin the lesson. Throughout the assessment the instructor will be making notes and providing instruction and feedback. At the end of the lesson, the instructor will be able to gauge what level you’re at and can give you an estimation of how many lessons you’re likely to need. You will receive a driving manual at the end of the lesson where your instructor will record your progress, assess your strengths and weaknesses and record how many hours they think you need.

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