Driving Tips

Useful tips, updates and advice to help you learn to drive and pass your driving test faster. Use our guides to support your learning outside of your lessons and learn everything you need to know about learning to drive, from beginner to test standards.

Different types of pedestrian crossings

There are a number of different types of pedestrian crossings that both drivers and pedestrians need to be aware of how to use properly to ensure everyone remains safe. Find out about all the different types of crossings and how to properly use them.

Driving alone for the first time

Driving alone for the first time after passing your driving test can be an exciting but daunting prospect. Find out how to prepare yourself for you first drive alone and see our best tips and advice.

How to calm nerves before driving test

Most learners experience some nerves in the lead up to their driving test and on the day. Nerves can cause you to make silly mistakes so it's extremely important you learn how to deal with any nerves so that you perform at your best during your driving test.

How to learn clutch control the easy way

Mastering clutch control can be a challenge for many learners, give yourself a head start by reading our helpful guide on how to learn clutch control. Tips and tricks on how to learn clutch control quickly.

How to pass driving test first time

When learning to drive with us, passing your driving test first time isn't so difficult. If you want to find out how to pass first time, this guide will help you and get you on the way to joining our 92% first time pass rate.

Traffic light controlled road systems

Traffic light systems can be used to control the flow of traffic and can also be used at pedestrian crossings. Ever wondered how traffic light systems work? Find out in our helpful guide of traffic light controlled systems.

Pass rate over the last 3 months

April 2024 - 90%
May 2024 - 94%
June 2024 - 93%
Average - 92%

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