Here’s what some of our pupils think about Drive 247

Here at Drive 247, we are proud of our drivers and feel proud with the feedback we get. Whether good or bad, our testimonials give you an insight into what our learner drivers think about us.

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Jamie Brooks Pass Photo Jamie Brooks(passed first time, 5 minors)
My driving lessons in Kettering were great, I always enjoyed every lesson and lessons were informative. I passed 1st time and couldn’t be happier. Would seriously recommend drive247 to anyone.

Jack Harris Pass Photo Jack Harris(passed first time, 7 minors)
Quality driving lessons and top instructor. Helped me pass 1st time which I didn’t thnk was possible for me. Can’t thank you enough drive247, I will continue to recommend you to friends and family.

Nabeela Okuru Pass Photo Nabeela Okuru(passed first time, 5 minors)
Really love learning to drive with this company, lessons were planned and delivered well. I really felt like I was getting the most out of every lesson and my instructor helped build up my confidence with driving. Thank you for helping me pass!

Yasmita Patel Pass Photo Yasmita Patel(passed first time, 8 minors)
The service from this company is second to none. The office team are very friendly and helpful, they picked a wonderful instructor for me. I came to drive247 with 10 hours of previous experience with another school, they were happy to take me on and build on the skills I’d already developed.

Amy Gray Pass Photo Amy Gray(passed first time)
Highly recommend learning to drive with this company, they really care about helping you pass your driving test. I booked a block of 10 lessons which was great value for money. I was so pleased that I passed first time after only 20 hours. Thank you!

Thomas Walker Pass Photo Thomas Walker(passed first time, 3 minors)
First time pass thanks to drive 247, after 24 hours and with 3 minors. Lessons were good fun and very informative, I’ll actually miss them. Will be recommending this company to all of my friends.

Charlotte Clarke Pass Photo Charlotte Clarke(passed first time, 6 minors)
I’d tried a couple of driving schools in Kettering, but was not completely happy with my instructors or the teaching I was receiving. I heard about drive 247 through a family friend and decided to give the taster lesson a try, I’ve not looked back since.

Jemima Adewa Pass Photo Jemima Adewa(passed first time)
Couldn’t be happier that I’ve actually passed my driving test FIRST time!!! All thanks to the guys at drive 247, seriously couldn’t have done it without you. I will make sure to tell everyone about you.

Alex Chapman Pass Photo Alex Chapman(passed first time, 4 minors)
What a driving school, can honestly say I’ve had the best experience with drive 247. Faultless service from start to end. If you want to pass first time with a driving school that actually cares about you, drive 247 is the one.

Holly Brown Pass Photo Holly Brown(passed first time, 2 minors)
Super happy with my 1st time pass after 32 hours!! Thank you so much to my amazing instructor, couldn’t have done it without you. Best driving school in Kettering!

Rhys Lockley Pass Photo Rhys Lockley(Passed first time, 4 minors)
I did an intensive course over 2 weeks with Drive 247 Kettering. The whole experience was great and I would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to pass their driving tests fast.

Lucy Farnfield Pass Photo Lucy Farnfield(Passed first time, 2 minors)
I don’t think I would have passed if it wasn’t for my Drive 247 instructor. I was so nervous, but he helped me through it.

Amber Richardson Pass Photo Amber Richardson(passed first time, 5 minors)
I failed with a national driving school, then came to Drive 247 Kettering, who were much better and got me out of the bad habits I had picked up.

Oliver Reed Pass Photo Oliver Reed(passed first time, 4 minors)
When I started my lesson I was over-confident. My instructor at Drive 247 brought me back down to earth, and made me good enough to actually pass. Thanks!

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