How to calm nerves before driving test

Taking your driving test is a big deal, you’ve spent hours preparing, and it all comes down to one final test. During your driving lessons in Kettering, your instructor will be preparing you from the very start so that you are confident and ready test day. There are also some things you can do to ensure you are cool, calm and collected for the day. One way is being prepared and ensuring you have everything you need to take to your driving test.

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Tips for driving test nerves

At Drive247 we want to do everything we can to ensure you are as mentally and physically prepared for your driving test as possible. Your instructor will show you the test routes and carry out mock driving tests throughout your learning. They will never put you forward for your test unless They’re sure you’re completely ready. Read below to see our best tips for driving test nerves.

Before your driving test

Positive mental attitude

Believing in yourself and being confident is one of the best things you can do to help your test go smoothly. Remind yourself that your driving instructor who has years of experience and has taught many people to drive believes in you and is confident you will pass. If they weren’t, they would not have let you book your test.

Practice makes perfect

Practice, practice, practice! In the lead up to your driving test, make sure you have mastered all of the manoeuvres and are confident with the test routes. You can ask your instructor to spend extra time on any manoeuvres you are struggling with and to go over any of the test routes you don’t feel confident with. Practising as much as possible will boost your confidence and ease any driving test nerves.

We highly recommend you have a lesson on the day of your driving test. This is a chance to go over anything you’re unsure about and get in the zone.

Herbal remedies

Many learners turn to herbal remedies such as Kalms and Rescue Remedy to calm their driving test nerves. These remedies have been found to help calm nerves, boost positive emotions and increase focus, so it’s easy to see why they’re a popular choice for driving tests. Always read the label before taking any herbal remedies and begin taking them a couple of weeks before your test so you can see how your body takes to them.

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During your driving test

Move on from mistakes

If you make a mistake during your driving test, identify you’ve made a mistake, then move on from it and carry on with the rest of your drive. Remember, the examiner can use their discretion, so even if you make a mistake you think will cause you to fail, if the rest of your drive is good your examiner may just mark it down as a minor fault.

Time your approaches

During your driving test, always time your approaches well to minimise the number of times you have to stop. When approaching a junction, you should always be planning and timing your approach accordingly. If you do this correctly, you examiner will see that you can read the roads well and this will definitely work in your favour when it comes to whether you pass or fail.

Don’t panic if you see the examiner writing

Your examiner will be writing on the marking sheet throughout your test; this is completely normal. They will have to mark every aspect of your test, from how you performed a manoeuvre to how you approach junctions. Every examiner mark differently, some will record their markings in the moment, others will do it a few minutes later, and some will do it at the very end of your test. You should focus on the road and your driving, not on what your examiner is doing.

Slow and steady wins the race

Take your time and think carefully about what you’re doing before doing anything during your test. Nerves can cause you to panic and rush things which can lead to silly mistakes. If you feel yourself panicking before a manoeuvre, take a minute, take a deep breath and take it slowly. Your examiner will not mark you down for taking a minute or two to steady your nerves.

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You can do this!

Have faith in yourself and know that you will pass your driving test! Whether you pass the first, second, or third time, you will eventually get there. Listen to your driving instructors advice and follow our tips, and you will be just fine. Our guide on how to pass your driving test first time has everything you need to know about improving your chances of passing first time.

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